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At Horizon Truck School we have dedicated, caring and experienced staff and instructors.  We pride ourselves in the one on one attention each student receives. Each of our instructors has over ten years of experience in the field they instruct, as required by the State of Nevada Commission on PostSecondary Education.  

Marsha Raj
Project Manager, Horizon Truck School; President, Horizon Freight Systems Inc
Marsha is a dynamic and versatile individual with proven interpersonal skills and a background in Finance and Operations. An in depth familiarity with Government Compliance as it relates to the Construction and Transportation Industry.

Alexcis Raj
Training Director Emeritus, NDOT Project Manager
Alex is a dynamic hands-on individual with excellent interpersonal skills. An educational background in Mechanical Engineering and proven track record of employment stability and versatility. Alex holds the following licenses:
State of Nevada - Professional Class A Driver Instructor
License # P00000029450
State of Nevada - Commercial Driver License Examiner
License # SC00001020

Loren Campbell
Specialized Equipment Operation
Licensed Instructor
License # P00000035838