Courses Offered

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160 Hour Program
       Includes Classroom Instruction
      With Emphasis on Behind The Wheel Training
      Two Attempts at State Administered Driving Exam
      Additional attempts as approved by the Training Director
          160 hours Covers basic behind the wheel training
Requires a Valid Instructional Permit
     Two Attempts at State Administered Driving Exam
     Additional attempts as approved by the Training Director
     This 40 hour course covers all classroom instruction required to
obtain and instruction permit.  This course does not
include any time behind the wheel.
Passenger endorsement training is accomplished using
 an operational 1994 Ford school bus
The 160 hour program begins in a classroom setting and a licensed instructor. The program is designed to assist individuals with all written information required to successfully pass the DMV State written examination. Successfully passing the written exam qualifies you to be in possession of your Commercial Driver's License instruction permit.  Classes are in session from 6:30AM to 4:30PM Monday through Thursday. The text book curriculum used prepares you to successfully pass the written examination. The curriculum also covers material for your additional endorsements; Doubles, Triples, Tanker and Hazardous Material. All individuals are encouraged to obtain the endorsements available. You may not need each individual endorsement for specific employment if your are already employed in the transportation industry, but obtaining the available endorsements will increase your marketability for local job openings in the region. Students are required to secure their instruction permits before the beginning of the second week of training.
Your instruction permit will set forth your path to training behind the wheel of a semi truck/trailer. Training behind the wheel will begin with a safety inspection of your vehicle. This portion of the training will require that you inspect and mention approximately 200 components of your vehicle. These are items that are critical in the safe operation of your Commercial Vehicle. You will begin with an "Under hood inspection" and concluding on the opposite side of the vehicle including, brakes, steering, suspension tires and lights. At the conclusion of the exterior inspection of your vehicle you will conduct an interior inspection of your vehicle and then perform a three part air brake test. This completes your pre trip inspection of your vehicle.
Upon completion of your pre trip safety inspection you will be guided into the comprehension of the "Principles of operating an articulated vehicle. You will be guided through a series of required skills within the training yard and given the opportunity to practice these skills on a daily basis for the remainder of your training period. Your success with this portion of the training is to maintain a score not to exceed 12 points. You will be scored on a daily basis. You will be required to attain this score usually with the end of your third week in the training program. Upon accomplishment of this score you are now ready for the driving portion of your training. You will accomplish this task in the cab of a tractor with a licensed experienced professional driver. This portions of your training is accomplished in modern day cab tractors designed to accommodate one instructor and one student. Unlike general truck schools that accomplish the task of administering the driving portion, which is considered the single most important component of Truck Driving Instruction, Horizon Truck School accomplishes this task with a single student and a single Instructor (One on One). This is the highlight of our training program as a specialized training facility. Unlike general truck driving schools, it is not our practice to load additional students into a sleeper truck and conduct our driving instruction. This is due to safety concerns and a desire to allow our students the liberty of a forum with your driving instructor while undergoing a learning process.
Your daily schedule at the school will remain the same for the four weeks after the issuance of your instruction permit. The end of your fourth week of training at the school you will be tested on your pre trip (safety inspection) and your skills. Upon successfully passing this portion of your training before appearing for a final drive test. All of the above testing is conducted on the school premises before a Third Party CDL Examiner. Successfully passing the drive test completes your entire training curriculum with Horizon Truck School and you will be issued your Commercial Driver's license (Class A).
You are now embarking on a career path to financial freedom, the opportunity to travel the country and the chance to see the sight you never imagined possible without a career change.