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Horizon Truck School was formed as part of a never ending need for drivers in its Parent company Horizon Freight Systems Inc., the largest locally owned and operated distribution facility in Reno. 
 Equipment used at the school varies from the use of an older International Tractor for beginners to the later model Kenworth for seniors.  The school has access to 3 late model Kenworth Tractors.  This availability allows student to train                  
 with variable shift patterns and tractor options that are available.  Final stages of training are accomplished using sleeper tractors with sleeper berths.  This will give the student the overview of critical differences with coupling and uncoupling. with the loss of the rear sight window in tractors equipped with sleepers, training is focused on reliance of mirrors only while coupling and uncoupling. The accessibility of over twenty (20) trailers for the various purposes of training identifies abundance of equipment.